Welcome to the Parish of St. Teresa of Calcutta!

One Parish Family With Two Worship Sites

Ascension Worship Site      Saint Elizabeth Worship Site

The Parish of St. Teresa of Calcutta is a Roman Catholic parish, under the jurisdiction of the Diocese of Trenton, serving the Jersey Shore communities of Avon by the Sea, Bradley Beach, Neptune, Neptune City, and neighboring areas. Our Parish community was formed on July 1st, 2018 by uniting the Church of the Ascension, Bradley Beach, with St. Elizabeth of Hungary Church, Avon by the Sea. We hope to meet you at one of our community churches as we walk hand in hand, united in Christ, doing the Lord’s good work here along coastal New Jersey and beyond.


During the Fridays of Lent we will have Stations of the Cross at 12 noon at Ascension Worship site and at 7:00pm at St. Elizabeth’s Worship site we will have Mass & Stations.









Since COVID-19 remains a virulent contagious respiratory virus communicated between people, everyone should remain aware that risks to contract or spread the disease are possible at any gathering of people, whether indoors or outdoors. We cannot and should not let down our guard no matter what pressure is being exerted upon us. Public health officials and other experts consider the risk to be especially significant indoors at prolonged, sedentary gatherings where coughing, sneezing, and even talking and singing could easily communicate the coronavirus.

Those with a COVID-19 diagnosis or symptoms, those who have tested COVID positive, those who may be asymptomatic carriers, those with underlying health conditions or who are in a high-risk category, those not feeling well or frightened, should avoid public gatherings of any kind in general and in church in particular. Such persons should remain at home and take advantage of Masses that are televised, on-line, or live-streamed by their parish. In light of these serious concerns, the dispensation from the Sunday/Holy Day obligation to assist at Mass remains in effect until further notice by the Bishop.

All liturgical/pastoral directives previously approved and updated in the Diocese of Trenton remain in effect (one-third indoor Church occupancy; required wearing of masks and social distancing; ventilation as much as possible; sanitization of churches between Masses; no commonly shared hymnbooks, song sheets, missalettes or other materials ordinarily left in pews; coordinated entrances and exits; no gatherings outside of churches, etc.) with the following exception:

· The distribution of printed materials [e.g., bulletins, calendars, etc.]

o These may be distributed/provided at the end of Mass at the discretion of the pastor but must not be shared and must be taken with the faithful upon exiting church

o Bulletins, in particular, if available in paper format, should only be distributed and taken upon exiting the church; online bulletins are preferable since the coronavirus remains on paper for anywhere between one and five days

o If missalettes are provided, they should be retained as a personal copy and not shared or handled by others

o No materials are not to be left in the pews and, if found, should be quickly discarded

o These directives are to be determined and implemented by the pastor


The following current directives are to be observed:

· Choral Singing and Use of Instruments. Due to the respiratory nature of COVID transmission

o All current protocols remain in effect

o Choirs are most strongly discouraged and choral singing should be significantly limited

o no use of wind instruments

o Leaders of song/cantors must socially distance and wear a mask as appropriate to their participation

· Liturgical Ministers

o The number liturgical ministers at Mass should be kept at a minimum

o Pastors/priests should discourage congregating in the sacristy before and after services

· Live-streaming

o The practice of live-streaming Mass and other liturgical celebrations is strongly encouraged whenever possible


As noted above, the following protocols may change depending on conditions brought about by the pandemic. Notification of changes will be communicated by the Diocese and parishes as soon as possible.

Lenten Devotions

Stations of the Cross

o The faithful, masked and socially distanced, should remain in the pews

o Booklets should not be provided

o “Living Stations” are not to be conducted

o Outdoor Stations are to follow the proper protocols

o Live-streamed or pre-recorded “Stations” are encouraged

Missions / Retreats

o These should follow current protocols

o Virtual or live-streamed alternatives should be considered


· Passion [Palm] Sunday [March 28]

o The “Procession” and “Solemn Entrance” are to be omitted

o Use Third Form: the “Simple Entrance” at all Masses

o Palms are not be given to the people prior to or during Mass

o Place palms in large vase-like containers in the sanctuary where they can be seen by the congregation

o After Mass, the ushers/servers should carry these containers at the entrances so that people may take palms as they exit the church

o The manner of reading the Passion Narrative is left to the Pastor’s discretion

· Chrism Mass: the time/place/format for the Chrism Mass will be communicated in a separate memorandum. There will be no dinner held this year.

· Holy Thursday [April 1]

o The Holy Oils, if blessed prior to Holy Thursday, may be displayed but not carried in procession

o The Mandatum “Washing of the Feet” is to be omitted in all parishes this year

o The transfer of the Holy Eucharist to the place of reposition should be simple

o The place of reposition should be in a large space [e.g., the church itself or a large hall. It should not be in a small chapel or room

o Seating should be in a designated area, observing social distancing

o Volunteers should be sought, if necessary, to help sanitize pews/chairs after the faithful exit church

o If volunteers are unavailable, Signs should be posted directing the faithful to sanitize their pew/chair after private adoration

o The parish should provide the sanitizing products for visitors or volunteers

· Good Friday [April 2]

o The manner of reading of the Passion Narrative is at the Pastor’s discretion

o The Solemn Intercessions should be read, not sung

o People are to remain at their places for the Veneration of the Cross

o After the Cross is brought to the sanctuary [Form I or II], the priest takes the Cross and, standing in the middle before the altar, invites the people to adore the Holy Cross. Individual veneration of the Cross by any physical contact is prohibited

o The Collection for the Holy Land should be taken up in the same manner as all other collections

· Holy Saturday [April 3]

o The blessing of Easter food indoors is highly discouraged indoors; outdoor blessings may be arranged at the discretion of the Pastor

· Easter Vigil and Easter Sunday [April 3-4]

o Directives will be provided in a separate memorandum since liturgical directives from the Holy See are anticipated

Approved and promulgated January 10, 2021.




We are to KEEP SOCIAL DISTANCING (unless with family) and WEAR A MASK. While some do not like or believe in wearing a mask, it is still mandatory.  It is also a tool of evangelization.  Many people are anxious about coming out and it is important that they know that we are taking precautions so they feel welcome and safe!  Thank you!


  • Eucharistic Adoration Wednesday has begun…please join us at Ascension Worship Site Wednesdays after the 8:00AM mass at any time in the morning or afternoon up until 7:00pm.  
  • Confessions will also be held on Wednesdays in O’Hara Hall between 6:00pm and 7:00pm.
  • At 7:00pm in Ascension Church, there will be Holy Hour to include the Rosary, Divine Mercy Chaplet, and Benediction.

 St. Teresa of Calcutta parish has some exciting news!

On Wednesdays at the Ascension Worship site, we would like to offer all day Eucharistic Adoration on an ongoing basis. Following the 8AM Mass.

Participation is key!

Hosting a day of Adoration means we need a large group of dedicated adorers who are willing to volunteer each week on an ongoing basis. Our goal is to have at least 2 committed adorers per hour, providing coverage and flexibility in the event an adorer is unable to attend. Please prayerfully discern volunteering one hour of your time each week. Which hour you choose is up to you. 

Look for the sign-up table at both worship sites on Sunday, December 6th. For more information, contact Sharon Delaney at 732-241-8264 or Diane Baker at 732-774-8330.

Bishop’s Extension of Dispensation from Sunday and Holy Day Mass Obligations

Bishop O’Connell has extended the dispensation
from the obligation to attend Sunday Mass
“indefinitely.” We will update when there is a

Currently our Weekend Mass Schedule is as follows;

                  Sat – 3pm-Lawn of St. Elizabeth Church 

Sat-4pm-Inside Church Avon*

Sun-9am-Inside Church Avon*

        Sun-10:30am-Inside Church Avon*

         Sat-5:30pm-Inside Church Bradley*

    Sun-8am-Inside Church Bradley*

                      Sun-10am-On Rectory Front Lawn Bradley

At Saint Elizabeth Church Please Do Not Sit In The Choir Loft

 *Inside Mass Limit 150 Persons

Only two people to a pew unless you are with family members. Masks are mandatory. Please bring a chair for outside mass and be sure to socially distance.



Attention Ministry Leaders: 

The Bishop has revised some of the liturgical and pastoral guidelines and directives due to COVID.  Here is one important announcement:  “Parish meetings held in a location other than church are permitted provided they are limited to 10 persons  capacity, masks are worn, social distancing is observed and sanitation protocols are followed.  Refreshments are not permitted.

Please remember that all meetings must be scheduled through the parish office by contacting Linda Gunther (732)774-0456 ext.101.


Both our churches are now set up for socially distant masses. Please do not sit in the pews that have caution tape on them while in the church. Only two people to a pew, one on each end. If you are from the same family, you are allowed to sit as a family. Thank you for your cooperation! 

Rectory Office

The Rectory Office is currently closed to visitors but our staff will be happy to respond to your messages by phone or email. Our number is 732-774-0456. Our fax number is 732-775-9335. Our email is saintteresa@stocp.org


Spiritual Communion During this Time of Pandemic

Making an Act of Spiritual Communion has a long history in the Christian Tradition. This practice reflects a deep desire to receive Jesus in the Most Holy Sacrament and lovingly embrace him at a time or in circumstances when one cannot receive Him in sacramental Communion. The most common reason for making an Act of Spiritual Communion is when a person cannot attend Mass. During this time of an international health crisis, we offer the following Act of Spiritual Communion by St. Alphonsus Liguori, the founder of the Redemptorists, and we pray that we may soon gather again around the table of the Eucharist to receive him sacramentally. 

My Jesus, I believe you are really here in the Blessed Sacrament.  I love you more than anything in the world, and I hunger to feed on your flesh.  But since I cannot receive Communion at this moment, feed my soul at least spiritually.  I unite myself to you now as I do when I actually receive you.  Never let me drift away from you.



Online Giving

More families these days are paying their bills online and not writing checks. If you wish to go “green,” visit our   Parish website at www.stocp.org and click the Parish Giving icon. You can set up weekly, monthly, or a one-time contribution to the Parish of St. Teresa of Calcutta.  Any questions please call the rectory 732-774-0456.


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Live Stream


If you have not signed up for Flocknote yet please go to our website and at the bottom of the page click on Flocknote and it will guide you on signing up. It is important that we get as many people as possible to sign up for this so that we can contact you in the event of a closure due to weather and other events that are going on in our parish.